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Hi! My name is Yenny (pronounced Jenny) and I am the photographer for Valeca Studios. As a photographer, I am drawn to the beauty of simple images and always inspired by beautiful light.  My passion is to capture the hidden details and create a story with each image that will last forever.  I specialize in intimate portraits, lifestyle family portraits, and small weddings. I am based in Calgary, Canada but I available internationally.

Additionally, as the owner of a growing business, I am passionate about helping others growing businesses & brands to tell their unique story in a way that sets them apart from their competition. If you are ready to take  your brand to the next level, I would love to work with you to create images that will appeal to your ideal client.

Acerca de Valeca Studios

Hola! Mi nombre es Yenny y soy la fundadora de Valeca Studios. Mi inspiración es la luz y mi pasión es capturar los detalles para crear memorias con cada imagen. Me especializo en Fotografía Lifestyle y Fotografía Artística ya sea retratos familiars, compromisos, bodas intimas y Boudoir.

Adicionalmente, como dueña de un negocio que crece día a día, siento una especial atracción por  la Fotografia Comercial (Branding). A través de mis imágenes, te ayudó a desarrollar la historia de tu negocio de una forma que te hara destacar de tus competidores. Me encantaría trabajar contigo  y llevar tu brand al próximo nivel.


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